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24 06 2007

Welcome to Ms. Tina’s Blog. This is my first blog. I am a Technology Director. I am at the NECC Conference in Atlanta. I am in a session on blogging being held by David Warlick. He is an outstanding presenter. We are learning all about Web 2.0. I wish I had my boss here with me to see all the cool things I have seen the last couple of days. I know that he would be eating this up. I will definitely need to type up a report of some kind to give him an insight into what I think we should do in the future with technology. Schools are using wiki’s and blogs in unique ways.

I sat in on a session yesterday on gaming development. We are a “technology center” but we have people who don’t even know what a wiki or a blog is! I have to admit that I need to get with the program as well. I need to go to more conferences like NECC. I think I get caught up in the daily grind of doing my job and have trouble keeping up with the latest technology and what schools are doing with it. This is just the shot in the arm that I needed to help me feel motivated about my job! I’ve really been struggling lately because I feel like my ideas are not valued in my workplace. I feel I am seen as the “technology janitor” and not a technology integrator.

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24 06 2007
Brian Crosby

Tina – welcome to the edubloggosphere – keep blogging now that you’re started.

24 06 2007

Hi Tina, nice sitting next to you today. Maybe we can be cheerleaders for each other after the conference.

25 06 2007

Hello Tina,

I found your blog entry about NECC 07 while on vacation in Germany. I am attending NECC 07 virtually, trying to read as much as I can. Keep up your blog to let us “others” attend with you.
Thank you and Danke

25 06 2007

Hi Silvia,
There are 50 countries represented here today. I have been to Germany on my way to visit my dad in Norway when I was 13. The people of Germany were so gracious! Thank you for posting on my blog. Are you a teacher? Have you ever been to a NECC Conference? The exhibit floor is huge! The opening speaker was very enlightening. Do you know if they are going to podcast his presentation?

29 06 2007
Jennifer W

Welcome to the world of BLOGGING.

There is NO ONE better than David Warlick to bring you into this world. He has changed many a life by introducing them to blogging.

Can’t wait to see what this next year holds for you.


30 06 2007

Hi Jennifer,
Thanks so much for the encouragement. This is so ironic, I was searching and found your blog and was reading it. Then I saw your WOW 2.0 web site and was reading about the book you wrote. Then I came to check my blog, and then I saw you had posted on my blog! I couldn’t believe it! I have so much to learn, but I am hooked! My favorite feature is how I can manage my rss feeds at Blogline. And, I have just learned about Second Life. I can’t wait to share this with all of my fellow educators! Tina

6 07 2007

Hi Tina! I just read your twitter (tweet?) on Bloggers Cafe and popped over here to your blog. You stated that:

I will definitely need to type up a report of some kind to give him an insight into what I think we should do in the future with technology.

No need! Just give your boss the URL for your blog!


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