Does Your School Use Open Source Software?

25 06 2007

Does your school use open source software? Our school is a career technology center (11-12 and adults). We are preparing students to go out into the workplace. We have advisory committees from the community that come in and tell us what software applications are being used. Most of the time it is Microsoft Office applications. The president of our school board would like us to pursue open source. I am not opposed to it at all. I am not seeing it being used much in the community. How could I pursue this idea? The mindset of most of the teachers are that the only thing out there are the Microsoft, Adobe and CAD products. They tell us that these are the products that the industries are using and that is what the students need to have on their resumes. Your thoughts? Tina




One response

11 07 2007

My own experience with Open Office has been less than spectacular. Basically, the spreadsheet sucks compared with my spreadsheet of choice, Excel 97. That said, give them (the students) both and let them choose which one they prefer. High School students really do not need the advanced features that have been developed in the last 5-10 years. You can buy Office 97 for way less than the cost of annual depreciation of the machine.

That said, choice isn’t always better. Some students struggling with Office will be overwhelmed with the choice.

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