Don’t have a mac, tell me what I’m missing, pls.

6 07 2007

Well, I’m back at work. I”m still flying high after NECC07. It’s been hard to get focused on the daily grind. Over the years I’ve gone from being in an all mac environment, to a nearly all PC environment. Over the last few years, I’ve lost touch with the mac world. After being at NECC, I saw a lot of mac users and I started missing having a mac.

Earlier this year I went to a workshop on podcasting and have been itching to buy a recorder for my ipod and try out garage band. We just got bonuses and I had just about decided to buy a new ibook, but my boss told me I could go ahead and get one if I wanted to. So, I’d like to hear what cool applications I should dive into. How is anyone using podcasting in their school or personally? Any concerns about upgrading to the new operating system? I need some suggestions and feedback so I can get focused and back up to speed. The last OS I was on was OS 9.0 or so. Anyway, back to work…..and shopping on Apple’s website!  Tina

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13 07 2007
Herman Wood

Tina- I’ve been thinking of presenting at a conference on just what it is about a Mac that’s so different, but haven’t for many reasons. The best thing about it is the tight integration between the applications. From iCal, to Safari (web browser), Mail, GarageBand, iTunes, iPhoto, iMovie, iDVD, & iWeb, it all just works- together! Pictures for enhanced podcasts are right there available for you where you’d expect them to be. Music for slideshows, movies for DVD’s, material for your website… The bottom line is that you can likely do everything on a PC that you can on a Mac, except run the OS, but can you do it as easily? Please take a look at my website above- I’m in a mostly PC district and am the primary integration specialist on the Mac. Be sure to look at the blog link. Also, we are currently teaching a staff development course on extending the iLife suite (iTunes, iPhoto, iEtc, etc) into web 2.0. Here’s the url:
We finish up the course tomorrow morning… My contact info is on the main web site at the bottom. You can also find me at:

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