Blogging is Invigorating!

7 07 2007

Saturday morning 11:00am. It’s the first time I’ve slept in late. Why you ask? My husband and I were up late last night. I was sharing with him everything I learned at necc07 from David Warlick’s workshop on Advanced Blogging. I have only been blogging since that day, but I am definitely hooked. My husband is a 58 year-old art and psychology teacher. I am a 44 year-old Technology Director (former teacher). We sat by the pool with our laptops until after dark, and then sat up in our bed until midnight, side-by-side, until we were bleary-eyed, sharing and learning together. It truly was fun and invigorating! His first post was on No Child Left Behind. ( I told him some of my blogger friends might not agree with him – hee-hee, but that is the fun of blogging! We are definitely hooked!

Now we need to learn a few more things. How can we narrow searches down? We wanted to find some other blogs on art education, but we got a lot of bad stuff. How do we get our blogs out there? It seems a lot of people aren’t commenting on mine yet.

I loved what I learned in David’s workshop about how to use bloglines to manage my rss feeds. It’s like reading the paper every morning. I also learned about Technorati and that it is like a search engine, and how to ping my blog site. He also taught us about how to cut and paste the Technorati tags by going to his website (and using a handy tool to generate the tags. Thanks so much David Warlick!

It’s been great being able to share what I have learned. But, I am hungering for more. How do I put a link to an rss feed on my site for others? Any other tips or suggestions? Tina




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7 07 2007

Welcome! David Warlick is something. Tell your dh (dear husband) that the value of Twitter is community. I read your twitter and here I am. Generate RSS widgets at Rss Buttons I may have written that correctly, but I have a blogger blog, so I’m unsure on WordPress. But that site is good for making buttons. I was able to enter you in my aggregator already, so WordPress must generate that RSS feed for you. I am not the one to ask. I do a great job following….

9 07 2007

Hi Tina! I like your new blog! I started blogging just over a year ago and I’m hooked. I have made a lot of friends through it and it has been a great outlet for me.

You might try signing up on . I’ve gotten a lot of traffic that way. I also joined blog rolls that fit my subject matter. Word of mouth has also been a great tool for me.

It shouldn’t take too long for your blog to catch some attention. :0)

10 07 2007

Hi Amy,
Thank you for directing me to As soon as I went there, there was a featured speaker I recognized, Robert Kiyosaki from my post above! I couldn’t believe it! Thanks for the advice! I feel like I have signed up for so many things I can’t remember to check all of them! It’s so good to keep in touch with you Amy! Your photography is great!

10 07 2007

It’s good to keep in touch with you as well! Thanks for the comment about my photography. I’m really enjoying myself.

I just put a plug for your blog on one of my blog posts today. Maybe that will give you some more readers. :0)

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