Rich Dad, Poor Dad Changed My Life

9 07 2007

My husband and I are both educators. With that being said, of course, we are always reading books that help us grow and learn. One of the most amazing books (and series) I have ever read is Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Rober Kiyosaki. My husband and I have always had other businesses on the side. He has sold insurance, I have taught piano. He is also an artist and teaches art lessons in addition to selling his art. Together we have started buying rental houses over the past three years and now own 8 rental houses. My parents owned rental property and growing up, I did a lot of the grunt work – painting, etc. 

 Rich Dad, Poor Dad really changed the way that I thought about money. His real (poor) dad grew up working in the Hawaii school system and believed the government should support him the rest of his life. His friend’s father, who he calls his “rich dad,” was a business owner and believed that he should make his money work for him.

I have since read about 5 or 6 of Robert’s books and other recommended readings in his series. He believes that people learn by playing games and has invented several games, Cashflow 101 being his first. He has a book for parents and kids called Rich Kid, Smart Kid, which I haven’t read because my kids are grown. But, if it is anything like any of his other books, it will be great advice for parents.

The most recent book that I have read is called Why We Want You to Be Rich by Robert and Donald Trump. The book was exceptional. I have bought copies of Rich Dad Poor Dad for all of our 5 grown kids and my brother.  By putting into practice many of the principles, we have begun to build up our retirement – much more than our education system will ever provide for us.

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One response

4 08 2007
Cathy Nelson

Funny my husband and i are both educators too! He is an assistant principal, and I think I’ve warped him on what to expect from a best practices librarian in a k-12 school. But that warp is to the good, and not the bad. Tina, I need to know your SL name–I’m Bently Noel in SL.

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