What Kind of SmartPhone?

15 07 2007

I am one of the few directors at our school who has not yet gotten a smartphone. I have a personal cell phone that I have grown accustomed to using. However, I don’t have instant messaging, or web services. I just use it for phone service.

I use my laptop to keep my calendar, check my email, etc. It seems awkward to have to do those things on a phone. However, I have decided that since my team is responsible for supporting the other smartphones, I need to get with the program. Now, the big decision is to choose one…

Kathy Shrock posted a recent blog that got me thinking further about it. I love my iPod and would seriously consider the iPhone, but I’m not sure it has the features that I would need. The most recent smartphone that the directors have received is the Treo 750. I haven’t really taken the time to do the research on this topic yet. There are two approaches.

I could compare all the models and chose the best one for me, or I could purchase the one that most of our staff has. By standardizing on a model, it is easier to support. In the end, it is a tool that I must use to do my job better. At one point we had standardized on a palm-based OS, but our boss would prefer for us to use a Windows-based OS. In about a month we will be changing over to a new mail system called Zimbra.

Any of your opinions about smartphones would be appreciated! Tina




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