A Day In the Life of a Technology Director

25 08 2007


I recently read Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki book “Why We Want You To Be Rich.” In the book, “The Donald” included his daily schedule for about 1 week. I found it fascinating to see how this powerful man managed his day. I thought that it would be good to document a day in my life at work, for reflection purposes.

4:40am Woke up, snuggled in bed thinking about how I can modify our tech support online work order form. Finally dozed back off to sleep.

5:30am Alarm went off and I hit the snooze button three times. FINALLY got up to face the day.

6:50am Ate breakfast, checked Twitter, and replied to Jeff Utecht’s post on “What we do when we put them in a bubble.” Hurried off to work.

7:45am Shared with our computer technician Jeff Utecht’s post, and was delighted to see one of my favorite educators, Doug Johnson, had also replied. I was so happy to see Doug’s response as he reaffirmed what I was trying say.

8:30am Meeting with staff to finalize work group goals for the year.

We are going to test VISTA in a lab, implement a new CISCO VOIP system, remodel our work area, implement ZIMBRA as our new email system, develop a maintenance schedule for our projectors in the classrooms, continue surveying our customers about our computing, media and network services, and develop a process for communicating with customers (teachers and staff) about their work orders.

9:44am Answering emails. Checking work orders and entering in work order database.

10:14am Received email asking about homebound and future homebound students who don’t have computers at home. They want me to give our old computers (that we are excessing) to those students to use at home. I stated that I was concerned about the licensing of software on those computers. Also, supporting those old computers off-site would be difficult. I don’t want to appear that I am not wanting to help the students, bu this seems sticky. Any thoughts, anyone?

10:44am TechDept staff has successfully ghosted one lab, delivered new computer, many more to go. Several teachers are up in arms because the new computers have been delivered with Microsoft Office 2007. One teacher felt like it was too much to learn at the beginning of school. I can empathize, but some resistance felt. Our industry teacher has offered to provide in-service training. She is an angel!

12:30pm Back from lunch – Taco Mayo was good, but the hot sauce was too hot! (Taco Mayo originated in Norman, OklahomaGo Sooners!)

1:23pm Just received new Polycom. We are installing 5 new Polycoms in five of our rooms. We are replacing some of them, and some of them are going to be new. In addition to installing the units, we will be upgrading the touch panels, projectors, screens, and media equipment. They will be used for H.323 distance learning video conferencing.

1:46pm Student from last year came in. Didn’t receive his diploma because a course was missing on his transcript. Teacher had accidentally left off the assignments for that course and I had to enter an override grade. We use Veracross, by Breuer and Co., as our student record system. It is really awesome.

2:10pm Loading Office 2007 and Windows/Office Updates for the first time on an old laptop for the new training session. Our trainer has the weekend and 2 days to learn as much as she can to orient new users by middle of next week! Woot!

2:51pm Getting quotes from CDWG for new HP Color LaserJet 5550dn printer for our Computer Aided Drafting program, a fuser kit for a couple of our HP 4200’s and a couple of more copies of Office Professional 2007.

3:56pm Reviewing last minute work orders, and entering into system. Showing other staff how to enter withdrawals in student records system. Deployed laptop for instructor preparing to teach Office 2007. Haven’t had time to check twitter all day!

4:30pm Helped support staff with Illustrator problem. It mysteriously worked whenever I went by her side! Also fixed printing problem simply by selecting the correct printer. Yahoo!

5:00pm Headed home after a relatively low-stress day.

7:28pm Checking Twitter. Reflecting on the day. It was the least stressful day of the week.

Bad: I actually vented some of my frustrations to someone today, when I shouldn’t have. I think why I was frustrated was because she had come after I had already received an email from her supervisor checking to see if her computer was ready. When I told her we were working on it, she asked if she could take it back and do it herself. We don’t let teachers or anyone take our media or software install CD’s out of our area. She has asked us numerous times for them, but she just won’t take “no” for an answer.

Good: Since our help-desk person is out on medical leave and we are so short-handed, I have had to have more direct contact with the teachers. I am spending more time helping them, which is good. Our remaining team members all get along well and I am having the opportunity to be the cheerleader and encourager, which I enjoy doing. During this difficult time of year and stress, it draws us closer together.

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One response

25 08 2007

Excellent post —
I think I might do the same on Monday — if that is okay.

It is great to see how so much we do is similar — LOL, your comment about Office 2007 made me laugh. We debated all summer and decided “NOT TO” — now perhaps I am glad we waited!!

Thanks for your post — thanks for your enthusiasm, your calmness, and your openness.


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