Stoopid Sooner Fan Has Entered the Blogosphere!

23 09 2007

Stoopid Sooner Fan has Entered the Blogosphere!

We have a new blogger in our midst and I am so excited! I am hoping that I had a part in him joining our company. I came back from NECC07 and David Warlick’s Advanced Blogging workshop so enthused that I have been a blogging fool ever since! Stoopid Sooner Fan works with me and has quite a gift with words, so I am very pleased to see that he has come over to the “dark side.”

I have attempted to share my new knowledge of technorati, tags, widgets, rss, but am still learning myself. Please visit his site and encourage him. He already has 4 posts and is well on his way.

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Expanding Myself…

16 09 2007

OK. I’ve done it. I’ve expanded myself with a second blog. Actually, I could count it as my fourth blog, because in the last week, I started a “MySpace” and a “Facebook,” as well. I decided that MySpace is somewhat personal, while Facebook is more professional.

My blog here at WordPress seems more professional, while, the one I have just created entitled “Ms. Tina’s Place for Prayers and Praise” is definitely more personal. I decided that I needed a place to write about spiritual things and have a more spiritual theme — a place where I can document and express my spiritual thoughts.

I would like to reserve this blog for technology, education, and things that are not spiritually-related. I am feeling a need to separate the two. So, if you wish to read my other thoughts, please rss my other feed. Otherwise, please stay tuned here!
Ms. Tina

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I’ve Been Tagged by Durff!

12 09 2007


Yes, I’ve been tagged by the “Recent Bookmarked Pages” Meme by Durff!

Here are the rules:
1) Once you’ve been tagged, link your most recent bookmarked pages back to your blog
2) Name the tag that you have used so others can access the links easily in a blog post
3) At the end of your post, tag 6 people and list their names, linking to them.
4) Leave a comment on their blog, letting them know they’ve been tagged.
So what have I bookmarked on lately?

1. The Teacher’s Lounge
2. Carrie Underwood’s Official Site
3. Shift Happens Wiki
4. Bit by Bit
5. iStockphoto
6. Healthy, Low-Carb Living Blog

It’s a wide variety of interests, so enjoy!

I tag (& if you have been tagged, please pass the tag along)

Amy Dungan

Bonnie K

Jen Wagner

Wes Fryer

Ragon Steele

John Pederson

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Narrowing the Focus

2 09 2007


I’ve been thinking about how busy both my husband and I have been this year. At school, our staff has been learning and working through the criteria for the Malcolm Baldridge award. The ultimate goal is school improvement. One of the keys is to narrow the focus and find the one thing that our school can do well.

I’ve been thinking about that in my personal life. I get involved in a lot of things and find myself irritated because I tie up my time and don’t have time to do other things I want to do in my life. My husband can retire in a couple of years and he’s always talking about things he can do when he retires.

He told me today he could (1) expand his art business, (2) become a personal trainer, (3) teach at a college, (4) teach at a private school, (5) sell insurance, and (6) build up our rental business. He actually could do several of these things at once and still be okay. However, I think he should narrow down his focus – AND – I’m also preaching to myself!

Some of the things that I wish that I could have accomplished, or even enjoyed, this year, include:

(1) kept up the checkbooks – we have about 5 or 6

(2) kept up the filing

(3) filed taxes on time – here it is Sept. 1st and I’m trying to beat an Oct. deadline!

(4) Converted business bookeeping over to QuickBooks (when I bought it in January)

(5) Updated my husband’s art web page and my piano web page.

(6) Exercised on a regular basis.

(7) Had time to scrapbook.

(8) Had time to continue researching genealogy .

(9) Learn how to do podcasts.

(10) Do a better job cleaning my house.

(11) Spend more time having fun with friends and family.

(12) Spend more time in the Word, prayer, and fellowship with God.

Something has to give. I hate to sound selfish, but with so many demands, one has to take care of one’s health, both physical and mental. I have been seriously considering quitting my piano teaching. Last year I taught 4 days a week. I dearly love the students, but it just occupies too much of my evening time. We are now going to have 12 units that we are going to be managing. It takes me 4 hours on the 15th of the month, just to do all the personal and business bills and send out statements to our renters. Then, I also have the 1st of the month.

I feel that if I can narrow down the focus and work towards our long-term goals, it will be wiser, than to spread myself so thin. I know that if I do decide to stop teaching, it will be difficult for my students. It is hard to find another teacher, and I feel like I will be letting them down. I have decided to put it to prayer. Letting things go is always difficult, but I am feeling a prompting to do so.

Attempting…to narrow…the focus…

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