Is it crazy to have more than one blog?

16 10 2007


I’ve been thinking about starting another blog. Durff made a comment while were were talking in Second Life “I am who I am” in reference to the fact that I have a second blog where I post things of a spiritual nature (Ms. Tina’s Place for Prayers and Praise). I agree with her.

But the reason that I started my second blog is because I have always had a prayer journal. I thought by starting a separate blog, it could be a place to only focus on things that would be of a spiritual nature, where as I wanted this blog to a place to talk about things such as education and technology. I guess I like to categorize things. It’s not that I don’t want my true nature to shine. I think that you can see in my writings here that I don’t hide that I am a Christian. It just seems easier to have blogs focused on particular areas of topics. Am I wrong? Or, is there a wrong and right way to blog?

With that in mind, I have been thinking about starting a new blog to post my views on life and politics. With the presidential election coming up, I am sure there will be lots of interesting debates that will range outside of technology and education. I have found that blogging can be educational and open the mind to other view points. We are not alike and thank goodness we are not. God did not make us all the same.

Would having 3 blogs be a nightmare to manage? Experienced bloggers, how do you feel about this? I’ve seen some of you move your blogs back and forth. Have you tried having more than one blog? Tell me what you think. Before I add one more blog, I would love to hear your opinions!

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16 10 2007
Colleen King

Hi Tina,
I think it’s a matter of perspective. Are you writing blogs for yourself (as online diaries) or for your audience? If you want collaboration and are trying to build a community around a shared interest, I think it’s best to make the subject matter of your blog clear to your readers and stay on task. My blog was always about teaching math until I discovered second life. When I started writing about second life relationships and events, my readers were no longer interested and I lost some subscribers. I did pick up new ones though … mostly people who were also in second life and could relate to my new posts. Now as I return to writing about math once again, I imagine I will see another shift.

I don’t think I could manage three blogs at once only because I’m not a very prolific writer. If you have a lot to say about about your topics, then it shouldn’t be a problem at all.

Good luck!

17 11 2007
Chris Betcher

I think you’re right to keep each section of your life distinct in that sense. It would be easier (for you) to keep a single blog with everything in it, but I think for a reader it would be all too eclectic. I guess it’s like buying a magazine subscription… if you bought a magazine on, say, fishing, you’d find it a bit odd if if had articles on fashion and wedding advice in the same issue. Same idea as a wide-ranging blog I guess.
I like the idea of keeping things slightly categoried, and catering to niche readers… and it certainly fits the whole long tail paradigm better too.
Great question though!

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