Meetings, and Seminars, and Conferences, Oh My!

6 11 2007

itcareerclusterLast Tues. I was at Moore Norman Technology Center for a Career Cluster Meeting. Career Tech Schools all across the Nation are moving towards the career cluster model, and so is Oklahoma. Our system is working to unify all schools across the state. I am attending this meetings to work with our curriculum directors to help with the development of our student record systems in managing the data changeover. This is a BIG deal for our schools and others across the state. It is going to be a challenging alignment all of our school’s curriculum.

guysLast Thur. I was at the OkACTE NRS (New and Related Services) Leadership Conference 2007. This year I am president-elect for NRS. We had a safari Theme for the conference and had several really great speakers, including one of the VP’s from Sonic (which, I had no idea, started in Shawnee, Oklahoma!). (side note, I lived in Shawnee for one year of my life…)

The highlight of the day was when we had “Safari Joe” come in with live animals. He brought in an alligator, python and leopard turtle. We took pictures of all the attendees who were interested in holding the alligator and python.


Next year I will be President of NRS and will be responsible for overseeing and putting the conference together. After Safari Joe, how can I top this? I will need all the help for speakers and themes I can get. Twitter friends????

wes_sm.jpgToday I was at the ODLA (Oklahoma Distance Learning Association) Conference in Tulsa, OK, at the OSU-Tulsa campus. The theme this year is Web 2.0. Our opening speaker was Wes Fryer. Of course, I was glad to finally meet Wes face to face, as we have exchanged conversations via Twitter and his blog “Moving at the Speed of Creativity.”

The meetings, seminars and conferences are so good for information exchange and learning. Yet, I find the best part is the networking. I love the quick chats in the hall, finding out what other people are doing at other schools. I love trading business cards and email addresses, phone numbers, and planning visits to their sites. To me, getting to know other people and what sharing and learning with them is the most fun part about these events. I love talking to the vendors and finding out what all the cool new technology stuff is and what it does.

Wedesday we are heading out for a leadership retreat with all of our directors. We are going to be going to Robber’s Cave. We are going to be focusing on our vision and planning for our school. This is an important time for us. It will be a time to set the direction for our school for the next year, the next five years, and possibly the next 15 years. I appreciate that our school has leadership at the top that sees the importance of devoting time to this process.

So, as I continue to grow and learn while attending these meetings, seminars, and conferences, I am also expanding my network – which is very exciting. I hope I will continue to meet more and more of my friends in the twitterverse and blogosphere F2F!

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