The “Network” has Lifted Me Up!

14 12 2007


I feel like I’ve made it in the big league, sort of. An article about me was published in this month’s issue of ISTE‘s journal Learning & Leading with Technology! This all happened because of “the network.”

Two years ago I attended to NECC 2005 in Philadelphia. I wanted to make sure that I went to a workshop of Doug Johnson’s because I had referenced several of his works in my papers when I was working on my master’s degree.

So, this year I attended NECC 2007 in Atlanta. (You can see the wiki I created of my conference experience.) There I attended the “The Advanced Blogging and SideBar Envy” workshop by David Warlick with introduction by Chris Lehmann.

That blogging workshop created a burst of learning in me that has not stopped since I left the conference. Right after the conference I joined twitter and have been continuing the conversations by blogging and twittering with THE most outstanding educators! (follow me on twitter as “mstina“)

When I started adding to my rss feed, I decided to look for Doug Johnson’s blog – I knew he had to have one. And I found it. It’s called the Blue Skunk Blog. He had written a post about video games called “The Power of Positivity.” I left a comment on his blog. He was kind enough to personally email me and I responded with so much excitement and enthusiasm about NECC07 that he forwarded my email to the president of ISTE! The next thing I knew, I got a call from the marketing department asking permission to use my comments in their publications. One thing led to another and then I got a call asking if they could interview me. Thank you Doug Johnson!

I feel like I have so far to go, but thanks to all of you in the network who have taught me so much! In 5 short months my knowledge has grown so much! More excitingly, I am sharing what I have learned with educators in my school. We have started our Digital Native Lunch and Learn Series (click on the link to see the wiki we have started).

I have been afraid to post the wiki because we are still building it. However, I know that everyone began somewhere. So, I am posting this now and asking for any contributions from any of you to enhance our wiki – resources, etc.

You all are awesome and I can’t wait to meet many of you at the Blogger’s Cafe FTF at NECC08 in San Antonio! (Last year, I was scared to go into the Blogger’s Cafe, can you believe it?)

A Big Thank You to All My Network Friends!




2 responses

15 12 2007
Cathy Nelson

Wow what a testimony!!! And to think I was thrilled yesterday to be embarrassed by Doug for comparing cat tales instead of OLPC XO envy! Doug ranks at the top of my reader. We are so proud of you, and I am honored to be in your network!!

23 12 2007
Doug Johnson

Hi Tina,

The successful network is the person who gives as much or more as he/she receives. I am very glad you’ve “given” other educators this blog. And congrats on the L&L piece – well deserved.

Happy holidays from one of _your_ fans,


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