About Ms. Tina

I am a Technology Director at a Career Technology (vocational) School in Oklahoma. I have also taught piano for over 25 years but have recently taken a break from it because of wanting to have time to explore other interests. My husband and I are both educators. He is an art teacher. We are working on building up our retirement through purchasing rental properties. We have 5 grown children and 9 grandchildren with one more one the way. We love working with technology in our hobbies and in our jobs. We have 3 dogs, two of which are big old slobbery hound dogs. We have a wonderful, positive life!


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3 09 2007
Bonnie Kramer

Thank you so much for leaving a comment on my blog. You’re right-we do seem to have things in common. When I added you yesterday on Twitter, I had a hunch that we did. 🙂 Great stuff on your piano site, and I can’t wait to crack into some of the NECC stuff.

7 10 2007

Hi Tina! I’m glad you got a kick out of my recent “whales, snails…” post! You’re right, some things never change. I shared this story with my husband and it made him want to see if he remembered how to make the armpit noises. It’s the simple things.

I enjoyed perusing your blog and checking out the music links.
Kathy Shields
rippling pond

28 01 2008
Andrew Paez

Hello Tina. My name is Andy and I was scanning twitter messages for information on income properties in Tulsa and other cities and came upon yours indicating you had started investing in properties. I own some properties here in California where I live and have visited Tulsa once in the past to look at property. While I use the standard sources most others do for finding property (LoopNet, Tulsa World classifieds, Craig’s List, etc., MLS) I often find it more useful to talk to other investors in the area to see if they have any information on better sources for finding inventory for sale. My wife and I are looking for either a single multi-family project (5 to 20 units) or several duplex or fourplex combos in the greater Tulsa area. If you know of any on the market that you aren’t already interested in, I’d appreciate it if you’d drop me a line. Also, if you’ve found a good agent that understands income property (most agents don’t) I’d appreciate a contact name and number as the last person we dealt with was only interested in quickly cycling us through her MLS inventory and making a sale and not necessarily in finding us a cash flowing property. In any event, congrats on your career (I have a degree in Workforce Education and Development that I’ve never used; I’m a career cop) and on your web site. Cheers. Andy P.

8 02 2008
Lorri Randle

Hey Tina
I am doing some contract work for GWAVA, a partner to Groupwise to strengthen online presence and relationships to improve their product. I noticed that you mentioned the migration to Zimbra. I was wondering if I could keep in touch with you, to find out why the move was made so that Groupwise can also improve by addressing problems and concerns.
My twitter name is Mediajoltz and you can also find GWAVA on twitter too. The VP of Gwava would love to hear from you as well: rbliss @ blisscorp.com

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