The “Network” has Lifted Me Up!

14 12 2007


I feel like I’ve made it in the big league, sort of. An article about me was published in this month’s issue of ISTE‘s journal Learning & Leading with Technology! This all happened because of “the network.”

Two years ago I attended to NECC 2005 in Philadelphia. I wanted to make sure that I went to a workshop of Doug Johnson’s because I had referenced several of his works in my papers when I was working on my master’s degree.

So, this year I attended NECC 2007 in Atlanta. (You can see the wiki I created of my conference experience.) There I attended the “The Advanced Blogging and SideBar Envy” workshop by David Warlick with introduction by Chris Lehmann.

That blogging workshop created a burst of learning in me that has not stopped since I left the conference. Right after the conference I joined twitter and have been continuing the conversations by blogging and twittering with THE most outstanding educators! (follow me on twitter as “mstina“)

When I started adding to my rss feed, I decided to look for Doug Johnson’s blog – I knew he had to have one. And I found it. It’s called the Blue Skunk Blog. He had written a post about video games called “The Power of Positivity.” I left a comment on his blog. He was kind enough to personally email me and I responded with so much excitement and enthusiasm about NECC07 that he forwarded my email to the president of ISTE! The next thing I knew, I got a call from the marketing department asking permission to use my comments in their publications. One thing led to another and then I got a call asking if they could interview me. Thank you Doug Johnson!

I feel like I have so far to go, but thanks to all of you in the network who have taught me so much! In 5 short months my knowledge has grown so much! More excitingly, I am sharing what I have learned with educators in my school. We have started our Digital Native Lunch and Learn Series (click on the link to see the wiki we have started).

I have been afraid to post the wiki because we are still building it. However, I know that everyone began somewhere. So, I am posting this now and asking for any contributions from any of you to enhance our wiki – resources, etc.

You all are awesome and I can’t wait to meet many of you at the Blogger’s Cafe FTF at NECC08 in San Antonio! (Last year, I was scared to go into the Blogger’s Cafe, can you believe it?)

A Big Thank You to All My Network Friends!